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For partners

Our tight-knit team appreciates every customer, and in addition to exchange transactions, we are ready to offer a partner program:

  • Register with us in the system.
  • You get a special code, which gives the client from you a discount on the exchange rate
  • When the code is used, the earnings are fixed by the amount of the discount to the client.
  • At the end of the week we pay the total bonus in USDT.

By inviting users, you can get money as a percentage of Crypto Family income

Frequently Asked Questions

  • USDT sale procedure
    • You come to the selected office with cash.
    • You provide a wallet for deposit in USDT
    • After accepting the % and check the amount, we transfer funds to the purse (First, the first test payment of $ 20-50 after confirmation send the main sum)
  • USDT Purchase Procedure
    • You come to the office of your choice with the USDT.
    • After accepting the % you send the USDT to the address given by the employee.
    • First, the first payment a trial 20-50 $ after confirmation send the main amount
    • We wait for the transaction to be posted to our wallet, and then we give out the cash.
  • How much USDT can I exchange with you?
    • There is no daily limit for exchanging cryptocurrency. However, it is always worth informing us about exchanging a large amount .
  • What is AML?
    • AML is an acronym for Anti-Money Laundering, which refers to all actions taken by financial services providers (mainly banks) to eliminate money laundering.
  • Is it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies anonymously?
    • We carry out verification with an ID card when the amount exceeds 1,000 euros. ID card is not required for exchanging amounts up to 1,000 euros.
  • Can multiple people send BTC/ETH/USDT from one wallet or can I send from multiple wallets myself?
    • Yes, we do not care how many wallets the funds are sent from.
  • When do I get the cash?
    • Withdraw cash immediately, after crediting us to the purse.
  • When can I send you the USDT?
    • You can send USDT either before coming to the office or in the office. However, we prefer to contact by email (sending the address and determining %), which speeds up the exchange considerably.
  • How do I get a USDT deposit address?
    • You can get the address by sending us an e-mail to or directly at one of our offices. We provide it both as a string and as a QR code.
  • Is it legal to exchange USDT at an exchange office?
    • Of course, it is legal. We are a registered company in Poland, licensed and we issue documents for every transaction.